As a Muslim pornography addict, I have often wondered about the lack of support for people in my situation. Not only that, but there is significant social stigma against addiction within the Muslim community, especially sex related addiction. So even if the support were available, it’s not likely that I, or others like me, would have solicited it.

Thankfully, the medium that facilitates our addiction — the Internet — can also enable our recovery. This website is my attempt at providing resources and support for recovery from pornography addiction. The material will be based on the 12 steps of addiction recovery programs, which have proven their effectiveness countless times. Because of this, the perspectives on this website will be necessarily religious, and recovery will be viewed through the prism of Islam. Our Higher Power is Allah: it is to Him we turn, and it is He Who can restore us to sanity.

I ask Allah to accept this website for His sake, to make it a tool for my own recovery, and to make me a means for helping my brothers and sisters in Islam. Longer term, I hope that this website becomes the nucleus of an anti-pornography advocacy, whose purpose is to raise awareness of sex related addictions and prevent them from taking root in society.

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Muslims Against Porn provides tools and resources to assist in recovery from pornography addiction.

If you are a Muslim and you want to stop viewing porn, or if you know anyone who fits that description, then you’ve come to the right place.

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