The Intention Behind MAP


As a Muslim pornography addict, I have often wondered about the lack of support for people in my situation. Not only that, but there is significant social stigma against addiction within the Muslim community, especially sex related addiction. So even if the support were available, it’s not likely that I, or others like me, would have solicited it.

Thankfully, the medium that facilitates our addiction — the Internet — can also enable our recovery. This website is my attempt at providing resources and support for recovery from pornography addiction. The material will be based on the 12 steps of addiction recovery programs, which have proven their effectiveness countless times. Because of this, the perspectives on this website will be necessarily religious, and recovery will be viewed through the prism of Islam. Our Higher Power is Allah: it is to Him we turn, and it is He Who can restore us to sanity.

I ask Allah to accept this website for His sake, to make it a tool for my own recovery, and to make me a means for helping my brothers and sisters in Islam. Longer term, I hope that this website becomes the nucleus of an anti-pornography advocacy, whose purpose is to raise awareness of sex related addictions and prevent them from taking root in society.

Thank you for coming. Please feel free to comment.


4 Responses to “The Intention Behind MAP”

  1. 1 Muslimperson


    great idea brother. I suggest you start by gathering some relevant Islamic lectures that address this topic and posting them on this blog

  2. 2 Zeyad

    I have been doing work with Muslims specifically on the topic of pornography addiction and would like to offer a free resource for your blog visitors – 7 Steps To Break Free From Porn:

  3. 3 Depressed Muslim

    It is the month of Shaban and so far I can’t stop masturbating and watching porn, I pray to Allahswt that I can stop for good InshaAllah. I have the intention to stop but I relapse. I can’t describe it my mind switches to sexual tension mode sometimes I have a hard time controlling it. In the event, I tend to breath harder and I feel some degree of stimulatation injected in my mind and body of sexual tension. I try to repress it but it makes it worse it happens to me during late nights. This cycle occurs every month and everytime it happens, I give to temptation when I know Allahswt is watching me which really scares me that I can’t stop.

  4. 4 Addiction

    I have a really big problem myself im a 21 year old male…i usually watch porn daily or almost daily and i masturbate daily…i cant stop myself from masturbating. It is a bad habit that I started when I was 16. When I first started, I was so naive that I didn’t even know what masturbation meant nor what I was doing-it just felt good,but by the time I found out what it was..i was addicted. I tried stopping many times, but honestly I cant go a week without kills me..but I have to do it. I started watching porn when I was 19. It grew little by little and now I watch it all the time, usually daily until I masturbate and regret the whole thing. I feel sick to my stomach everyday. Worst of all, I have met others online and started camming with them, literally meaning masturbating with someone else via internet and chatrooms. I feel horrific doing it, but this thing is controlling my life- I become irritated and angry very easily, I fight with others easily all because I hate myself due to my filthy habit. I know Im addicted and I have a problem and that only I can fix it…i have tried before, I am trying now, and inshallah this habit will leave me soon as it is destroying my life.

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