Are you addicted pornography?

If you’re not sure of the answer, take these tests and find out:

  1. Porn Addiction Info Quiz
  2. No-Porn Addiction Test

Another method to identify addiction comes from Alcoholics Anonymous. The test is simple: try to quit cold turkey for a full year. If you fail, or if you experience withdrawal symptoms, then you may be addicted.

May Allah make us all righteous Muslims, and free us and our community from this affliction.


One Response to “Diagnosis”

  1. Wow! Your blog is very helpful to determine whether a person is addicted with pornography. I could say that it’s the easiest, most convenient and effective self test to know the person’s level and condition towards pornography. I would definitely use your tests for my future references about pornography.

    I am sure that many will take these tests. Just in case they found themselves to be addicted with pornography, well it’s time for them to look for porn recovery programs. Being a porn addict should not be taken for granted. I would say that it is the most dangerous kind of addiction today. Also, the porn should not be ashamed for he/she is not alone. Stop pornography addiction and start a new life.

    To read more on how to stop and overcome porn addiction, fell free to visit the site of http://feedtherightwolf.org by Alex Wolf.


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