Pornography in Islam.

  • Pornography is forbidden in Islam.
  • Why pornography is forbidden.
  • The effect of pornography on your deen.
  • The effect of pornography on your akhirah.
  • Lowering the gaze.
  • The effect and reward of lowering the gaze.
  • Breaking the nafs.
  • What scholars say.
  • The attributes of believers.
  • Inspiration and motivation.
  • Helpful quotes.
  • More.

Coming Soon.


3 Responses to “Islam”

  1. 1 A

    Please somewhere include how this addiction affects even the most forgiving,loving, attractive,confident and affectionate wife of an addict. This vice destroys what should be perfect marriages but instead the marriage turns into hell as the wife firstly is hurt by the inexplicable and unpredictable secretive and distant side to her husband, then she is devastated when she discovers the most unexpected root tom the problem and then she may even be falsely blamed for it and divorced because of it…ALL WRONG AND ALL VERY UNFAIR…brothers need to take responsibilty for what they do and realise the humongous consequences and harm caused to themselves and innocent others which they will one day have to answer for!!!!

  2. Salam A,

    I will definitely cover this topic, insha’Allah.

    My heart goes out to all the sisters who have suffered because of this addiction. It is truly tragic.

  3. 3 Sola

    Salam Aleykum,

    indeed dealing with this issue is very difficult/painful, specially for the partner of the addict. But Alhamdullilah, there is hope and His Mercy also.

    I found this site to be an excellent source.
    InshaALLAH bros and sis find it to be useful also.

    best thoughts and prayers

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